2022 Clothing Trends

Orange Models has been browsing all the new fashion trends to get you off to a great start in 2022! We want you to be fashionable in 2022, and we are helping you by letting you know what to pick during your future shopping sessions.                                                                                  
1 – “Work” Shoes                                           
Loafs 1

These flat shoes are the new trends. They are balanced between chic and functional streetwear, and they will highlight any outfit. The chunky loafer brings needed balance to the current over-sized clothing trend.

Loafs 2
Loafs 3
Loafs 4

2 – Catsuits and Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits 1

This outfit started as a celebrity statement piece, but now the outfit can be seen in the streets. These outfits are comfy and stylish. Expect to find them with different patterns, animal and graphic prints, and fun materials.

Jumpsuits 2
Jumpsuits 3
Jumpsuits 4

3 – Graphic Prints

Graphic prints 1

Vintage-style graphic prints are back!  You can now find this trend on any piece of clothing. If you are lucky, you might find some pieces in your family’s closet; either way, all brands are selling those items at the moment. 

Graphic prints 2
Graphic Prints 3
Graphic Prints 4
4 – Miniskirts 
Mini skirts 1

Miniskirts are the item in of 2022, different styles and cuts are now booming in the fashion industry. Styled with long sleeve tops and heavy shoes those skirts really make a statement.

Mini skirts 2
Mini skirts 3
Mini skirts 4

5 – Low-rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans 1

They were the most fashionable jeans in the 2000’s and are now coming back in the industry.  Low-rise jeans are not only skinny shape type like they used to be, you can now find all of them. Showing off with your new low-rise jeans will be the easiest way to accessorize your most iconic tops.

Low-rise jeans 2
Low-rise jeans 3
Low-rise jeans 4

Orange Models has now given you all keys to be fully in the trend for this new year. We hope to see your outfits of this years on our social medias. 

Now that you have all tips, go and GET Discovered!

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