5 Canadian Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow in 2022

Trying out different styles may seem daunting when you’re new to it, which is why we have compiled a list of Canada’s current best fashion bloggers.

In addition to being style influencers with impeccable taste, some of our favourite Canadian fashion bloggers are truly experts.

It’s important to always keep in mind that fashion is an artistic expression that you must master on your own in order to showcase your own tastes. These bloggers are simply here to help you as you navigate the world of fashion!

1. Ania Boniecka – @aniab

Blog: aniab.net
Followers: 118K

Ania’s interest in fashion started at the same time as her family moved to Canada, for a lack of extracurricular activities at school modelling quickly became a passion, a way to meet new people and travel, but it also opened a window into the world of style. Now Ania has collaborated with Lancôme and YSL and has also been featured in many top press issues like Refinery29. In 2017 Ania. B was nominated for the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA) in the Digital Influencer Of The Year category.

2. Josh McAree – @joshmcaree

Followers: 78.2K

Josh is one of the most dazzling men’s fashion influencers on our list, who is well-known for his bohemian aesthetic and positive outlook. He is a co-producer of CBC Life, a writer, and a TV personality. He has an amazing talent for making even the most basic piece of clothing look beautiful. His most well-known items are his leather jacket and black and white t-shirts. Follow him on Instagram if you can’t get enough of him on your television screens!

3. Musemo Handahu – @misslionhunter

Blog: misslionhunter.com
Followers: 79.1K

Multifaceted artist Musemo (Mo) Handahu is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She produces content with an eye for the trendy and buzz-worthy for companies trying to break into the east coast Canadian market as well as businesses looking to increase their impact online. Musemo uses her passion for digital arts and fashion to uplift her community, especially by advocating for plus-size women and African Nova Scotians to be more visible in the arts where there is apparent underrepresentation. She has been named Canada’s Best Dressed by The Globe and Mail and was a finalist for Redbook Magazine’s Real Women Style Awards.

4. Christian Thompson – @christianconfidential

Blog: christianconfidential.com
Followers: 15.7K

Christian Thompson is the founder and author of the lifestyle blog Christian Confidential, which focuses on pop culture, fashion, fitness, and travel. We are in love with his sharp silhouettes and massive sneaker collection thanks to his street style fashion sense.

5. Sophie Suchan – @sophiesuchan

Followers: 302K

Young up-and-comer Sophie, who is based in Vancouver, is conquering Instagram. For the past four years, she has committed herself to generate only style-related content in an effort to increase her fan base. Her edgy aesthetic separates her from the competition, and her feed is brimming with images from photo shoots showcasing fun goods.

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