7 Male Model Poses For Photoshoots

7 Male Model Poses For Photoshoots

Male models might have a harder time than females finding a perfect pose, since they are usually not as confident in front of a camera. But don’t worry, in this article, we will suggest different male model poses that will not only make you look masculine, but also charming, during a photoshoot.

1. Jacket over shoulder

Like female models, men have their accessories to help them stand out; the most classic one is a jacket. It creates a cool, confident and professional look without much effort.Twist it a little bit, and you can also become a laid back guy in your photos as well.

2. Hands in pockets

Popular in business or casual settings, this classic pose helps models look elegant and confident. You can put one or two hands in your pockets, but make sure your thumb is hooked outside the pocket, so that the hands don’t look like they’re “disappearing” into the pockets.

3. The thinker

Taken from the classic sculpture by Auguste Rodin, the model will sit while resting their chin on their inward-turned hand.

4. The Backward Chair

In this pose, you will approach the chair backward and straddle the back of it. You can cross your arms, touch your neck, or put your chin on your hand while a photographer takes a picture of you from behind the chair. This pose conveys independence or rebelliousness depending on how you work it.

5. Crossed Arms

Among all the male model poses, this pose is the easiest one to do, even for inexperienced models. By adjusting your facial expression, you can show a stance of authority or a sense of defiance. However, make sure you know when to use this pose, since it might not be appropriate when an image comes out looking uptight or closed off.

6. Hair Swipe

The model swipes his fingers through his hair while looking at the camera. Depending on the facial expression, it can, for example, create a sultry playful look or a spontaneous one. Moreover, it also helps to highlight the model’s upper body strength.

7. The Lean

Like the name, the model will lean against something, for example, a wall, and the shot can be taken from any angle. For your legs, you can either stand on one leg while bending the other or keep your legs straight for an intense vibe.

Which male model pose do you think is the best? Feel free to share with us and let us know what you want to learn more about in this industry, and we will help you with useful tips and knowledge. For female model poses, click here.

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