#8 tips if you are starting in the industry

The fashion and modeling industry can seem like the unknown and blurry. So today Orange Models wants to help you be ready if you want to start this journey with 8 tips that are essential for us.

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1- Improve your social media

If you have social medias, such as Instagram, you need to have a feed that reflects you. You need to make sure that you’re comfortable with the idea that a future casting director might have a look at your social media and what you have posted.

If you want to have an aesthetic feed you can create a moodboard.

2- Do a test-shoot

Always have a picture from a recent photoshoot. You don’t need to have a professional one necessarily, but it is always better if you can. Those pictures can be creative or professional, as long as we can see how photogenic you are. Be careful to not use any filters and be natural.

Don’t forget to look at the camera for some pictures.

3- Take digitals

In order to have the perfect portfolio you need professional pictures and also digitals. “Digitals are a set of images that are shot in front of a plain wall with natural light. They cannot be edited or manipulated.” Your digitals are really important for whenever you’ll be submitted to a project. Digitals have to be updated at least every 6 months.

You can take your digitals yourself just make sure you update them if you do any significant change and submit them to your agency.

Example of digitals pictures
4- Create a professional email

It always gives a better impression if you have a professional email. Try not to use something to childish or unsophisticated. Keep it simple first name and last name, for example.

5- Pick the right modeling agency

Each agency works differently, browse and make your own opinion of each one of them. See what type of production they mostly do, how do they organize etc. Make sure that you have a good feeling with them and that you feel comfortable. Choose the one who will help you grow your career and fit in what you’re looking for. Your expectations must match with plans.

6- Update or create your resume

You need to have an up-to-date resume. Clients can ask for them to see what kind of experience in the industry and background you have. Feel free to be creative on the designs as long as it stays professional.

7- Be honest

When you give information about yourself to the agency do not lie. Be yourself, for example, detail all tattoos or piercings you have, your real measurements, etc. If you are not truthful, it will be a disadvantage and the agency will not be able to offer you castings perfectly adapted to your profile.

8- Be motivated

This journey is going to be tough; you need to have motivation. You might get rejected from different jobs, but always keep in mind your true values. And when the time comes, you’ll find the opportunities that feel right to you. Being hard-working in this industry is an important key, you need to be always willing to do the auditions, send new pictures, organized with your schedule etc.

Motivation phrase

Now that you have all tips, go and GET Discovered!

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