Fall Fashion Trends 2022

It’s finally time for us to show off some of the hottest fashion trends that we believe will make this fall one to remember. Newer styles have inspired certain ensembles, while others are making a comeback!

Here are some of the upcoming fashion looks that Orange Models have put together for you to be inspired by this fall.

1 – Leather Trench Coats

For a total leather look, worn with jeans or even over a tracksuit, the leather or imitation leather trench coat is an outfit on its own and an essential piece to have in your wardrobe for this season !

2 – Long Cargo Skirts

This fashion trend of the 90s is about to (re)become an essential part of our wardrobes: the cargo skirt. Go get it !

3 – Loafers

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of shoes for fall, loafers are perfect for this season. They are are classic and automatically add an air of sophistication to a look. 

4 – Mini Skirts

We told you, the micro-skirt is THE trend we love to wear this season. We love it in denim, pleated or in (imitation) leather. To face the temperature drops, add opaque tights and a pair of high boots. Perfect !

5 – Big Scarfs

Big scarfs are perfect for warming up your looks and accessorizing your seasonal outfits by dressing up a big sweater, a warm jacket or even a coat. Depending on the model, they give you a bohemian, ultra chic or very casual style.

6 – Leg Warmers

The 80” trends are back with leg warmers. Wear them with tights, legging or jeans and then a pair of boots.

7 – Oversized Blazers

The blazer is the must-have of the moment. Trendy, chic and warm enough to resist the freshness of the season, it warms you up with style and goes with your entire wardrobe.

We hope you enjoy incorporating these pieces into your summer wardrobe but remember to master these trends on your own terms and have fun with it all.

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