How does technology impact the fashion industry ?

Nowadays, all companies must adapt to meet the challenges of the digital revolution. It’s not just about following trends, it’s also about being at the origin of future evolutions. Copying your competitor is not enough to stand out, you really have to be the head of the change. 

Orange Models has selected for you the most innovative creations in the fashion industry, you will be impressed!

1- Digital Fashion Brands

Nowadays, you can buy virtual clothes. That’s not a joke! Some fashion designers think that there are way too many clothes on Earth and it is now the time to think about buying non-physical clothes. The idea is to wear them on IGTV, video calls, and live videos. The video detects your body and dresses you so that the fit is perfect, the same way filters adapt to your morphology. However, we all know that the carbon footprint due to the digital revolution is huge… So, is this an answer to the climate change dilemma or simply a fashion phenomenon?

Also, it clearly seems that those companies encourage people to stay home as they are wearing NFT clothes … Is that the way we want social relationships to evolve?

Well, according to us, it is an interesting backup for special online occasions and also an amazing designing achievement! 

Here are two examples of companies selling NFT clothes :


“We strongly believe that the amount of clothing produced today is way greater than humanity needs. We share the beauty and excitement that physical fashion creates, but we believe that there are ways to produce less, to produce more sustainably, and not to produce at all. At a current stage of DRESSX development, we aim to show that some clothes can exist only in their digital versions. Don’t shop less, shop digital fashion.”

The Fabricant

“We waste nothing but data and exploit nothing but our imagination.Operating at the intersection of fashion and technology fabricating digital couture and fashion experiences.”

2- Virtual runway shows

Designers actually use the Internet to promote and expand their brands. Most of them have websites enabling people to buy online, some of them use social media such as Instagram, and others go even further by organizing online runway shows instead of physical ones. They show both their fashion collection and their innovation skills, which is of course a proof of power in the fashion industry. 


Congolese designer Anifa Mvuemba presented Hanifa’s collection on Instagram live.What we love about it, is that the clothes are not worn by any avatar nor model, which gives the opportunity to the viewer to project themselves. The Insta live was empowering and gave everyone the right to dream and reinvent their style. It is totally different from physical runway shows in which models don’t necessarily have the same physical features as we do. That is, for sure, a barrier to projection.


For the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection, Balenciaga held a virtual reality runway show presented through Oculus glasses sent to 330 guests worldwide. Then they released the video game, Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow.

3- Fashion design softwares

As mentioned earlier, designers try to reduce their carbon footprint. Accordingly, an interesting solution to reach that ambitious goal is to make on-demand clothing production affordable, easy and quick. 

That’s why fashion design software solutions like Modo were created. The aim is to provide designers the best tools to easily sketch all types of clothes in 3D. After this step, the clothes are sent off to be made, usually with digital fabric printing.

4- Data-based image coaching

We live in a time when data experts rule the world. They indeed can anticipate demand. 

In fashion, data experts have to find out how to convince people to buy clothes they don’t necessarily need.

To do that, the British fashion label FINERY uses data to understand the customer’s style and propose to them a virtual wardrobe corresponding to their tastes. This wardrobe is composed of clothes from 10,000 shops so that the amount of people reached is very extended. 

You now know what you have to do to add new items to your wardrobe without taking hours to walk through shops 😉

We hope to have taught you some things and given you some inspiration. We know that many of our readers are very creative, will you combine digital and creativity in your future projects?

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