5 Emerging brands to follow this year

In this article, we would like to mention 5 emerging brands to follow this year.

Photo edit : Unsplash – Nik Shuliahin 💛💙
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Veldon Salim

This brand, created by an Indonesian designer, was first seen at fashion week fall 2022 at Central
Saint Martins. It stands out thanks to its avant-garde approach to sweaterwear or knitwear.
Indeed, her creations are recognizable by the use of light and comfortable materials as well as
enchanting colors. In an interview with fraeulein magazine, her creative team mentioned that
they first put the colors together before thinking about their designs.
The Orange team encourages you to follow her collections if you are looking for fairytale
inspirations combining deconstruction and affirmed femininity. The romantic and fantastic
universe of the Veldon Salim brand is unique and may appeal to you.
Instagram: veldonsalim


Bad binch tongtong, a brand of Terrence Zhou seen at New York Fashion Week last September
as well as on lizzo and Kris jenner, will surely surprise you. Let me continue our escapade in
fantastic lands by immersing ourselves in his dark and surprising creations. From the black
stones to the mermaid with a silk damask tail to the neon butterfly, this surreal brand seeks to
“transform the human body into something no one has ever seen before” according to the
designer in his interview with ELLE magazine.
The Orange team encourages you to follow its collections if you are looking for surreal, dark and
fanatic inspiration. The experimental universe pushing human beings to redefine itself might
interest you.
Instagram: bad_binch_tongtong

Desiree Iyama

If you are looking for a brand that promotes body positivity and sensuality chic, don’t miss out
on Desiree Iyama. The Nigerian designer of the same name, Desiree Iyama, spoke at Lagos
fashion week in July 2020 about how she would like her designs to be fun, feminine and
functional. Furthermore, Desiree Iyama has designed her brand around ethical values by joining
the values of slow fashion. In other words, all pieces are handmade and in limited quantities.
Moreover, the remaining fabrics are then recycled into small accessories such as scrunchies for
The Orange team encourages you to follow their collections if you are looking for feminine
inspiration, sustainable values and high quality functional clothing.
Instagram: desireeiyamaofficial

La Lune
In this section we introduce you to Quách Đắc Thắng, a Vietnamese actor with a passion for
science fiction. His creations straight from space offer us extraordinary visuals.
The Orange team encourages you to follow his collections if you are looking for a mastery of
disruptive fabric resulting in unexpected creations.
Instagram :lalune_official

Tanner Fletcher
Looking for code-free, trendy and genderless fashion? The exuberant creations of two talented
designers Tanner Richie and Fletcher Kasell are waiting for you. Straight out of Brooklyn, the
two designers promise to mix genres in a humorous tone.
The Orange team encourages you to follow their collections if you’re looking for fun,
gender-neutral quality clothing.

Instagram: tanner.fletcher