Orange Model Management Agency Celebrates 15th Anniversary

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Orange Model Management Agency Celebrates 15th Anniversary

(March 26, 2021) – Orange Model Management recently marked its 15th year as one of Canada’s most sought-after model and talent agencies. The agency has built a stellar reputation for the quality of talents that come out of the organization in commercial capacities.

For the past 15 years, Orange Model Management has stayed true to its objective and vision – to find and represent the very best models and talents tailored to meet every client’s needs. With an office in Montreal, Quebec and their headquarters based in Toronto, Orange Model has successfully operated as one of Canada’s top international agencies, with clients based in different parts of the world representing different industries.

The models and talents managed by Orange Model Management have appeared in numerous projects ranging from TV promos, commercials, fashion, film and television, promotional modelling, music videos, prints and infomercials. They work with models of all age groups, which spans from children as young as 3-year-olds to the not-so-young over 70!

The hardworking team behind Orange Model celebrates their victories as they mark their 15th anniversary. That’s over 14 years of giving their best, over 14 years of staying in trend and upholding the utmost ethical standards, maintaining professionalism and a responsible attitude towards its clients and talents.

The Orange Model team would also like to thank all of its reputed clients from the past, including names such as Guess, Air Canada, Calvin Klein, Coca Cola, Garnier, Dior, Microsoft, Nike, Qatar Airways, Sony, Toyota, Kellogg’s… and the list goes on.

Today the Orange Model Management is recognized worldwide because of its consistency in delivering the best services to both clients and the talented models back to back and maintaining great relationships. One thing is for sure, this organization is not slowing down any time soon.

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Established in 2006, Orange Models is now a leader in the industry and has quickly grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most diverse modeling and acting agencies with a vision to find and represent the very best models and talents. With offices in Toronto and Montreal, Orange Model Management is an international agency that works with clients from varied industries in countries all around the world, which will help you to boost your career not only in Canada but also internationally.

Orange Model Management has an unimpeachable and responsible attitude towards every aspect of its business and in the discovery, development, and welfare of its model/talent(s). We not only manage talent, but we also build careers and relationships by providing a wide spectrum of model/talent(s) services including Fashion, Print, Commercial, Promotional, Kids, Music Videos, Infomercials, TV promo, Fitness, and Film & Television.