Spring fashion trends 2021

Spring fashion trends 2021

We know that lockdowns have stopped you from gathering for outdoor activities. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear fabulous outfits when you go out. Here are some spring fashion trends that you don’t want to miss this year.

1. Oversized Shoulder Pad Boyfriend Jackets

People used to obsess over this fashionable item in the 1980s, and it seems to be back in its glory again. With a pair of straight-leg trousers, this outfit elongates your legs and helps you look taller. You might pick a jacket with a neutral color so that you can easily mix it with other clothes.

2. Black Face Masks

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Does this sound familiar? You wear great makeup with a fabulous outfit and you are ready to go out, but then, before leaving, you wear your face mask and that ruins your look. Okay, we just want to let you know that you are not alone. So, why don’t you turn your face mask into a fashionable item as well? Black face masks can be used for a cool look, and enhance your sense of mystery; moreover, it can go well with any outfit.

3. Head Scarfs

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Even in spring, the weather can get cold sometimes; therefore, headscarves help you get warm while adding a “little” touch to your outfit. There are many ways you can style with this accessory: you can either wrap it under your chin or have it hanging off the back of your head. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a silky design with colorful patterns, or keep it simple with bold colors.

4. Sorbet Pastel Tones

Another trend you can expect that will dominate this season are the sorbet pastel tones. These colors are not only diverse, but also fit well with a wide variety of skin tones. A sorbet-pastel style elevates your aesthetic and helps you stand out from the crowd.

5. Yellow and Camel Color Styling

If sorbet-pastel tones are not your style, why don’t you keep it simple with yellow and camel color styling. Mixing and matching these shades adds dimension and depth to your overall style, no matter the clothes you wear. For that reason, this flattering combination is something you should definitely try this spring.

6. Pop Blue Accessories

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Feeling sick about your monochrome outfit? Then it’s time to make a little twist by adding a pop of blue. There are many options for you, from a duck egg blue handbag to a deep blue bucket hat. Styling these items with all black or grey outfits is recommended, for their bright hue will stand out amongst the deeper shades.

For more inspiration, check out our #SpringLookbook on TikTok and Instagram where our models showcase their best outfits.

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