Summer Fashion Trends 2022

It’s finally time for us to show off some of the hottest fashion trends that we believe will make this summer one to remember. Newer styles have inspired certain ensembles, while others are making a comeback!

Here are some of the upcoming fashion looks that Orange Models have put together for you to be inspired by this summer.

1 – Cargos

Great for glam as well as casual streetwear, cargos have become the all-new craze. Tight at the waist and baggy below, this fashion item is due to be quite popular this summer. Whether you want to pair it with a cropped top or an oversized tee, this item definitely suits all!

2 – Low-Rise

Looks from Y2K have undoubtedly found their way back into our present fashion – 20 years later. Low-rise bottoms, from trousers to skirts, have recently been widely favoured over high-waisted bottoms. If you’re feeling daring, add that extra detail to your style and drop it down low.

3 – Crochet

What’s better than crochet when trying to enjoy the lovely summery weather?! Embracing the light and airy design will make you feel liberated this summer. From crocheted bikinis and dresses to bags and bucket hats, incorporating this into your summer style is one of the finest ways of spicing things up with a hint of texture.

4 – Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts have always been in people’s good books. If you want to go for another breezy look, slip into this summer must-have! Co-ord maxis, denim maxis, slitted maxis – there are limitless combinations to create. Many have begun to wear these long 90’s-style maxi skirts, which have surely left fabulous impressions.

5 – Corsets

Corsets are another mesmerizing 2022 summer staple – and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. It was remarkably styled by celebrities at this year’s Met Gala, but it’s also a perfect addition to summer fashion, whether you’re trying for a casual or glam appearance. Regency core has been hot and trending lately, so be sure to incorporate this into your summer wardrobe.

6 – Cut-Outs

Carrying onto this season from the last is cut-outs. Exposing a little more skin and accentuating playfulness in a subtle way, cut-outs are indeed a very chic style to try out this summer. Although it may seem daunting, mastering this piece can transform your wardrobe from casual and basic to intricately stylish.

7 – Platforms

Platforms are another item that we believe will be just as trendy in the summer as they are now. Chunky heels are not only tokens of fun, but they can add a preppy edge to your look. The ’80s sure had a passion for fashion, which is probably why these shoes are becoming more and more popular nowadays!

We hope you enjoy incorporating these pieces into your summer wardrobe but remember to master these trends on your own terms and have fun with it all.

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