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We strongly recommend that the following terms and conditions are completely understood before booking any of our models. The Agency’s standard policies for bookings are governed by the terms and conditions below. This section has been provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to form a binding contract.

The following terms and conditions are subject to change.


The minimum time for all bookings is 4 hours, unless the amount of time required is negotiated prior to the booking. Every extra 15 minutes of work after the minimum of 4 hours will be computed into the next full hour. The length of time of the booking must be specified clearly at time of booking and the model must be paid for such agreed length of time specified.


All model rates are negotiated separately. Any usage fees are to be discussed with the agency at the time of booking and any unauthorized “re-usage” by you for a period exceeding one year shall be billed to you automatically.

Day Rates

Full-day – 8 working hours (with a 30 minute break), this includes hair and makeup prep time.

Half-day – 4 working hours (with a 15 minute break), this includes hair and makeup prep time.

Full day or half day rate must be paid in full even if the entire time is not used. Client is responsible for the model’s meals on full-day bookings.


Time and a half is charged before 8:00am and after 6:00pm or after 8 consecutive hours. Any overtime is billed at a rate of “time-and-a-half”. Unless a day rate is negotiated.

Travel Time

Travel time will be charged at “half” of the model’s hourly rate. Whenever models are required to be at locations not easily accessible to them by public transportation, the client is responsible for the model’s traveling expenses beyond public transport points such as car service and taxi etc.

Make-Up Hair

Make-up and Hair styling will be billed to you at an hourly rate unless a different rate is negotiated with the agency and at the time of the booking.

Lingerie & Underwear

The client must specify the type of lingerie that the model is to wear or bring at the time of booking. Lingerie rate is double the hourly rate and this same rate will apply if you require the model to wear transparent or translucent clothing and Men’s underwear including briefs. If you request the model to be Nude, a triple hourly rate applies. The client is required at all times to provide a closed set and private dressing room for the models to change in and out of their outfits.

New Client Reference

Any first time clients should be prepared to provide us with references. The information we require may be your company’s registration information or references from a photographer, a model or an existing client of Orange Model Management Inc.


Cancelations made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged to you at a full rate. If you cancel within a window between 24 to 48 hours notice a half rate will be charged to you. Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Holidays are excluded from these calculations. The agency reserves the right to cancel confirmed bookings with more than 48 hours notice, with no charge.


Any “re-shoot” is payable to us at 100% of the booking fee.

Weather-Permitting Bookings/Postponement

The weather permitting – option must be stated at the time of the booking. Your first cancellation due to inclement weather will be charged to you at half-the-rate unless there is a weather date specified by you with the understanding that the model will be booked within 10 days of the weather cancellation. If the client fails to notify the agency of cancellation and the model arrives at the place/address of the appointed job, the client will be billed for the full rate regardless. All postponements will be charged to you at the full rate if the same model is not re-booked.

Restrictions/conflicts on a Model

A special buyout charge will apply to you when the job a model is to be involved in will be in connection with a product that will prevent or conflict the model to work for any competing products. It’s the client’s responsibility to check product booking with us for any product conflicts.

Client – Model Interaction

Orange Model Management’s policy prohibits the client from attempting to solicit or at any time in the future employ any of the models and/or associates introduced to them through Orange in any capacity. If you would like to work with any of our models you must formally do so directly by contacting our booking department.


All images of the models / talent are permitted to be used only for the media that is negotiated in the original discussions and agreements. Any further usage is NOT permitted, including farming out or trading to other companies or people or posting on personal websites, blogs etc unless previously agreed to and put in writing between you and our booking department and at the moment of signing a work agreement. Please note that the models are NOT authorized to sign any release forms without Orange Model Management’s approval. Any form signed by models which were not approved by the agency will not be valid. All and any additional fees are to be agreed at the time booking is made. The agent reserves the right not to negotiate in relation to any additional usage other than agreed at the time of the booking.


The photographer is not authorized to use or continue to use any of the images he/she takes of the model(s) without permission from the agency. Any usage details must always be discussed at the time of booking. Therefore, a photographer is not permitted to use test and/or experimental photographs of the model for the photographer’s own commercial purposes unless an agreement stating usage rights is stated in writing at the time of booking. The photographer to this extent agrees to restrict the use of his/her copyright. If our client is not a photographer, that client is to draw these copyright terms and conditions to the attention to the photographer and obtain a copyright agreement from them before the shoot commences.


The client is responsible for the models’ safety while the model is at work. Clients are strongly advised to provide our models with insurance coverage when working on local and international locations. It is the client’s responsibility to carry out a risk assessment of the location, the equipment used and the work conditions. At the time of the booking any known risks to health and safety involving the project must be discussed with the model’s agent.


The client is responsible for obtaining all permits associated with the project. If the client’s project does not abide by the laws of the country, state or province the models and Orange Model Mgmt are not held responsible.


In the event of complaints, the client must inform the agency immediately and during the course of the booking and not after. Complaints will not be dealt with after the job completion and after the hours specified in the contract. It is the client’s responsibility to pay the full negotiated rate as per such contract. The model shall not be considered responsible for hair styling, styling and makeup unless otherwise discussed.


The agency cannot be held ultimately responsible for a model’s conduct on an assignment. The client is advised to insure themselves against any losses which might be suffered if the model does not attend the job due to ill health or any other unforeseen circumstance.

Terms and Service Fees

There will be a 20 % Agency service fee charged to the client on all bookings, whether all inclusive or added on, this applies to all fees hourly and usage fees. All payments are invoiced by the agency to the client and will be paid to the agency.

Billing / Payments

All payments are invoiced by the agency to the client and all cheques are to be paid to the agency. Payments are forbidden to be made directly to the model’s name. All bookings must be done and confirmed through either email or fax. The client is responsible for paying a commission fee for each booking and will be invoiced accordingly. The client is entirely obliged and liable to pay Orange Model Management Inc once the model has fulfilled the duties as per contract. Payment is due by the client to the agency regardless of any adverse situation that the client might encounter themselves to be in with such as but not limited to bankruptcy or any inability to pay. Lastly, the use of the photographs is prohibited by the client until payment of all fees has been made to Orange Model Management Inc.