4 Locations for the most aesthetic photoshoots in Toronto



Want to feed your Instagram account with pretty Toronto’s photo shoots, but don’t know the cool spots to shoot in Toronto yet?.

In this article, we will provide you 4 locations for the most aesthetic photoshoots in Toronto

The Orange Models team is here to help you, we have selected 4 spots to take influencer-worthy photos. 


Photo edit : Unsplash -Warren

Graffiti Alley

Free outdoor art gallery. 

In this street you will find ephemeral urban art as the artworks come and go. 

📍 Location: 753 Queen St W

The Aga Khan Museum

Photo edit : Unsplash – Ammar ElAmir

The second one is a bit far from the center, but well worth a visit!!! 
Plus, you can combine great food, great photography and a very interesting museum about the
historical culture of the Muslim civilization and its arts. 
Isn’t it great? 
The museum was designed by Japanese contemporary architect Fumihiko Maki and Serbian architect
Vladimir Djurovic. 
📍 Location: 7 Wynford Dr, North York


The CN Tower

Photo edit : Unsplash – Aditya Chinchure

How can we not mention the beautiful panoramic view from the CN tower to embellish your Instagram feed during sunset? 

📍 Location: 290 Bremner Blvd


Kensington Market

Photo edit : Unsplash – Jason NG

Finally the famous market to taste dishes of all cultures, but above all to photograph beautiful shots with flowery, colorful and retro decorations. 

📍 Location: 160 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T 3K7