Top 10 Looks From The 2022 Met Gala

The ‘Gilded Age’ was the time period between the Civil War and the dawn of the twentieth century. It was a time when wealthy moguls had the most authority and fashion was blossoming. While millions of immigrants sought work, the upper class held extravagant balls and attended the opera in magnificent attire.

One of the most prestigious annual fashion events has just concluded, and several A-list celebrities and fashion icons came out on top. The Met Gala is a fundraiser for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and this year’s theme was ‘Gilded Glamour and White Tie’. The second portion of the Met Gala’s two-part exhibition exploring fashion was ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion’.

Here are some of the top ensembles we believe dominated the Met Gala:

Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds were one of the first people to arrive at the Gala. Walking up the 13-foot steps, Lively entered in a copper Versace strapless gown with a large ruffled bow and corresponding sleeved gloves. With the help of a few assistants, Lively then unwrapped the top layer of bejewelled satin, revealing a captivating turquoise underlay. 

Since Lively wanted to pay homage to the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty in New York in 1886, the Versace dress depicted the appearance of patinated copper as it oxidizes. Lively wanted to incorporate architectural elements into the gown, which she truly did through designs like the dress’ column embodying the Empire State Building, the constellation ceiling on Grand Central Station, and, of course, Lively’s crown, which is modelled after the statue’s and represents the seven seas and continents. She even requested 25 stones for the crown, given the fact that the statue has the same number of windows!

The ‘Empire State of Mind’ singer entered the Met Gala in a strapless sparkling gown and cape that rested on the Gala floor embellished with more than 200,000 crystals, depicting the New York skyline. Alicia accessorized with Tiffany & Co. earrings and had her hair in a long braid wrapped in a black and silver spiral headpiece.

Keys and Ralph Lauren are both from New York, which is partly why they wanted to incorporate the city into the look. Keys really showed us the concrete jungle, where dreams are made of… there’s nothing she can’t do, now she’s in New York!

With his renowned Met Gala looks, Jared Leto is never one to be missed. This year Leto was twinning with Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci. 

They both wore cream-colored tuxedos with sparkling floral stitching, satin red bows tied to their pristine white shirts, and black leather gloves to grasp their brown suede clutches. The best detail of all, though, was their matching hairstyles. Their matching hairdos were one of the best features to appear on the red carpet. The duo tucked their flowing brown locks away from their faces with a dazzling crystal clip.

Many were astounded by Lizzo’s flute-filled moment at this year’s Met Gala. Lizzo’s renaissance Thom Browne appearance captured everyone’s attention as she walked into the fundraiser in a gold-embroidered coat that trailed gently along the infamous red carpet. She wore a black corseted gown and stacked gold neck rings with the coat. 

Her sleeked also haircut mirrored her curve-hugging attire. Not to mention the handcrafted gold flute she played so gracefully with her cork-like spiral nails.

Riz Ahmed’s attire may not seem glamorous, but it appropriately depicts the reality of the Gilded Age. Ahmed wanted to glorify “those people behind the scenes, those people that gilded the Gilded Age.” His look was a tribute to the immigrant labourers who were exploited and persecuted whilst the affluent benefited from the period’s rapid economic growth. 

New York label 4SDesigns developed the low-key appearance, which was inspired by work attire. It was also accented by a gleaming Cartier necklace.

Versace helped to create another dramatic look – this time, for Gigi Hadid! The 27-year-old model wore a burgundy corseted latex jumpsuit that she coordinated not only with a huge silk ribbed puffer coat, but also with the red carpet, which the cloak trailed along. The look was completed with a spikey sleeked hairdo and matching latex knee-high boots. 

Hadid intended to mimic the way that women’s clothing shapes were exaggerated in the late 1800s, and her appearance was surely eye-catching indeed!

Nigo, Kid Cudi’s long-time comrade, was named the new creative director of Kenzo, and the two just knew they had to collaborate at the notorious Met Gala. 

Cudi dressed in an electric blue suit with a matching long blue cloak that had floral lining and a gold linking chain. Cudi also complemented his polished shoes with a black bow tie. The rapper even placed some blue gemstones around his eyes, which further his allure!

You may think Teyana’s dress was everything but the main theme of ‘Gilded Glamour,’ but Taylor’s perspective on it is spot on. Taylor explains how Van Herpen’s depiction of fashion truly reflects innovation, creativity, and self-expression, which were all hallmarks of Gilded Age fashion and American style. 

Taylor donned a purple gradient tie-dyed gown with puffed sleeves and a floor-length train made of plissé silk. A futuristic silver headpiece wrapped snugly around her head surely accentuated the halter neck cut-out gown.

At this year’s Gala, the stunning Eiza González wore a Michael Kors halter neck gown with 426 feet of hand-embroidered ostrich feathers. The crystal-embellished slip dress was paired with Stuart Weitzman sandals and dazzling Bulgari jewellery. 

González felt happy to be representing the diversity of the country as a Latina walking on the fundraiser’s red carpet.

Someone who really took the ‘White Tie’ concept into consideration was British-Ghanaian rapper, Stormzy! He arrived in a white grain de poudre wool cape with satin lapels and a white silk necktie. Rather than holding back for his first Met Gala, Stormzy came in big with this ecclesiastical look. 

The rapper also mentioned how nice it was “to shine” in the three-piece tuxedo, which contrasted with his regular “all-black” attire.

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