Model Salary: How Much Do Models Earn?

Model Salary: How Much Do Models Earn?

As a new model who is looking for a way to jump into a modeling career, you might wonder how models get their salary as well as how much it is. We are going to walk you through everything you need to know about a modeling salary.

How Do Models Get Their Salaries?

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There are two ways that people get paid in the modeling industry. You can either become a freelance model or work with a modeling agency. If you are looking for a modeling agency to work with, check out Top Modeling Agencies in Toronto.

So how does it work? The agency receives requested bookings from their clients and then assigns work to you and other models who have similar looks to you. The client will make the final decision on who they want to work with. If you are lucky to be picked, you will get the job.

The other way is becoming a freelance model. Without an agency, you need to work hard to find work from clients by yourself, which means you need to approach them first, and you might have to attend their auditions to get in. However, you will get higher paid commissions since you can keep the full fee.

What Is The Average Model Salary In 2021?

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It’s your decision as to which path you follow; however, working with a modeling agency brings you more advantages compared to a freelance career.

Runway models

As a runway model, you might take several hours to finish your work since you need to be present for makeup, rehearsals, and the show. Depending on the size of the show, you can expect to get around $300 to $500 per show.

Editorial models

If you are an experienced editorial model, you might get around $100 per hour.

Commercial models

For this type of modeling, you can expect a very good rate. Depending on the size of brands, you might earn less or more.

Catalog models

Catalog models can be a steady job since they can be called back in when new product releases and their photoshoot can occur over a whole week.

Lingerie models

Lingerie models tend to earn as much as double as other types of modeling, such as runway, commercial, editorial, etc.

Factors Affecting Model Salaries

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According to Indeed, the average salary for a model is $23.35 per hour in Toronto, which is higher than Vancouver ($22.16) and Ottawa ($21.93). There are some factors which can affect your salary:

  • Gender: Male models tend to earn less than female models.
  • Time spent working: As a model, your schedule is really flexible. You might not have any booking for a week or you could be busy seven days a week. 
  • Industry-level: Well-known brands are sure to pay more than small brands. As a new model, you might start with small brands and get paid less to begin with at first.
  • Modeling agency: If you work with a modeling agency, they can help you to get more prestigious bookings, which means the pay is higher.
  • Cost of work: Models often have expenses taken out of their salaries when travel is required. This can include things like flights, accommodation etc.

Working Environment

The working environment can be tough sometimes, for example, you might have a shot under cold weather without a coat. Therefore, it’s important for models to take care of their health by bringing food and drink, and by keeping themselves warm and dry despite the working environment. The last thing a client wants is a model who walks away from the shoot because she/he is too tired. Therefore, you need to stay strong always to be successful in the modeling industry.

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