Top Modeling Agencies In Toronto

Toronto is a diverse, beautiful, and dynamic city that so many people want to be a part of, especially models. The modeling industry in Toronto is continuously developing with plenty of modeling agencies for you to choose from. So, which modeling agency should you go for and how do you select it? To begin, we need to understand the hiring process of modeling agencies in Toronto.

Step 1: Build a stand out portfolio

modelling portfolio - How to build a modelling portfolio?

Although some modeling agencies in Toronto don’t expect you to have a portfolio with tons of past work, they still want to check out what you have done in the past. From your work experience, they can understand what type of model you are looking for. Therefore, preparing a portfolio, both digital and in hard copy, is a first and foremost step.

You might feel stressed out because you don’t know what to include in your digital portfolio. But don’t worry, there are many great samples that you can learn from. Remember to add your resume in the About Me section. Moreover updating your portfolio regularly with your most recent campaigns or photoshoots is crucial.

Even though you built your digital portfolio, you should bring a hard copy version too when meeting with the modeling agency since some modeling agencies in Toronto prefer to see the hard copy.

Step 2: Research

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As we mentioned before, there are various types of modeling agencies in Toronto, but that doesn’t mean you should apply with all of them. Since you know what type of model you want to be, you should find an agency that fits your needs best. Therefore, here are the questions that you need to figure out before signing with an agency:

●       Are they a generalized or specialized agency? Some modeling agencies in Toronto are not looking for any specific type of models while others are. They can be child modeling agencies or fitness model agencies, for example.

●      What percentage do they earn? Most modeling agencies take the standard 20% to 30%. Is this rate negotiable depending on how much your agent promotes you?

●      Can you attend jobs that are not from your modeling agency? What is the contract like? What are your termination clauses? If the partnership isn’t working, are there fees you’re responsible for?

Step 3: Apply

modelling portfolio - posing ideas - give out best pictures

Sometimes, modelling agencies can host talent-scouting events to find new models. However, with the continual lockdowns in Toronto, it’s currently impossible to hire new talents this way. Therefore, you need to be more active by checking on their websites to see if you can submit a form or even call them to ask if they are looking for new talents at the moment. Most modelling agencies in Toronto are comfortable with cold calling from new models and they will let you know if they are interested.

If cold calling is not your thing, you can check on their website to see if they include their email address and write them a personalized email that shows you have researched them. Don’t forget to include your portfolio link and your composite card.

If they like you, they can even schedule an appointment to see you in person or through Zoom. In both cases, you want to make sure that you look professional and confident to make a great first impression. Here are some tips for you:

  • Wear light makeup
  • Be on time
  • Send a thank you note when you go home

Another hiring method that modeling agencies in Toronto do, is they like to discover new talents through social media, especially Instagram. Therefore, make sure to make your grid look fabulous with yourself in fashionable clothes and great poses.

Now that you have all tips, go and GET Discovered!

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