Camera-Ready Audition Workshop

Join our exclusive on-camera audition workshop and embark on a transformative journey in the world of acting. Our intensive program is designed to elevate your audition skills, boost your confidence, and provide you with valuable real-world experience that’s essential for success in the industry.

You’ll start by mastering the art of slating, a critical skill for self-taped auditions. From there, you’ll delve into scripted commercial auditions, where you’ll work with real scripts and engage your imagination. Our experienced instructors will provide constructive feedback during playback, helping you refine your techniques.

During the workshop, you’ll also explore improv games for creativity and warm up your body for peak performance. You’ll craft compelling commercials with just one line of dialogue and tackle more complex scripts with confidence. Plus, you’ll build and perform characters in one-to-two person scenes, all captured on camera with playback for valuable insights.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your acting career to the next level. Join us now and discover your full on-camera potential!


  • Mastering the Art of Slating
  • Scripted Commercial Auditions
  • Improv Games and Body Warmup
  • Crafting a Single-Line Commercial On-Camera
  • Tackling Complex Commercials with Slating
  • One-Line Dialog for Scripts
  • Character Building for Scenes
  • Mastering Two-Page Scripts