The best Routine before a shoot

Having a shoot can be really stressful and your body and face are the ones who show those signs first. Orange Models is giving you some advices and an efficient example of a pre-shoot routine. We want you to be prepared physically and mentally.
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1- Sleep

Our first advice for this routine would be to sleep well, not only the night prior but also the others at least the three last nights. Between 26- and 64-years old people need between seven and nine hours of sleep. 

To avoid any signs of fatigue, like dark circles but also dull skin, sleep as much as you can. Having not enough sleep can also lead to you not being able to be at your best during the shoot, you might lack patience but also motivation.

2- Avoid unhealthy food

Few days prior the shoot, start eating healthy food. Indeed, by doing that you will feel better in your skin and body. With this, you will ensure that your skin will be flawless for the shoot. We all know that eating greasy food increases the risk of break outs.

Skincare routine
3- Skincare

Having a nice skin is really important for a production, even if you wear make-up on set. For that we would advise that a week before the shoot you start a real skincare routine. All skincares are different and need to be adapted to your needs and type of skin. But we would suggest that you at least follow those steps:

  • Cleansing

Cleansing your face is essential to free it from all the impurities accumulated during the day and/or night. 

Many cleansers exist on the market each adapted to a different type of skin, for example the Cetaphil gentle cleanser or the Neutrogena ultra-gentle cleanser are good universal fits. 

  • Toner

The toner will help your skin accept and let penetrate the actives that are in our next steps. In short it prepares the skin.

Toners should be really adapted to the issues you want to heal, we could recommend the Rosewater Toner from Mario Badescu or the REN ready steady glow daily.

  • Moisturize

Moisturizing is the most important part of this routine; it will help your skin to heal from all outside aggressions and also keep it healthy and flawless. 

Moisturizers need to be well chosen regarding your skin type, for example the CeraVe moisturizing cream or the Khiel’s ultra-facial moisturizing could be good fits.

4- Make up

If you can and are able to, try wearing non or very less make up the last 2/3 days prior the shoot. Indeed, doing so will allow your skin to breathe more and be more photoshoot ready.

If you cannot try doing a face mask the day prior so it will help you skin.

Group Yoga
5- Relax

Stress and anxiety are not emotions that can be controlled and they are inevitable when such an event approaches. No matter what level of experience you have in the industry, everyone can deal with these feelings. 

For this reason, Orange Models recommends that you do an activity that will help you relax. 

Yoga and meditation perhaps can be good activities, this will allow you to be in a good physical and mental posture.

Now that you have all tips, go and GET Discovered!

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