The impact of colors on clothes

Color science is a theory that revolves around the notion that each color has a meaning. Each color represents something specific and serves a certain function. This is how many brands choose their colors to convey their message. By knowing the colors, we can apply it correctly to our daily lives, in order to convey a desired message.

As you go through the day, take note of what colors catch your eye and what feelings they bring you. The best way to find out which colors improve your mood is by playing with them.

A clear example of colors in clothing: dark colors are often associated with negative emotional states in winter and cold times. While bright, strong, bright colors are generally associated with happier moods, as well as warmer times of the year. In the same way, the combination of certain colors can provoke varied feelings and emotions. When choosing the tones of your clothes, it is essential to know what you want to convey. It is that knowing how to choose the most appropriate tone for each moment.

Red: is a stimulating color that transmits passion, power, self-confidence, ambition and energy. Some experts mention that it should be avoided in situations of confrontation or negotiation, since it enhances intense emotions and transmits a certain aggressiveness.

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Yellow: transmits joy, vitality, intelligence, light and a feeling of being a centered person. It should not be used in excess, as it can saturate. Likewise, it is not advisable to wear yellow on occasions that require special seriousness

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Orange: reflects joy, warmth, enthusiasm, closeness, ambition and energy. As it shows a strong personality, it can be used to attract attention at social events

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Blue: has a calming effect. It is associated with serenity, sympathy and honesty and conveys neatness. The navy tone also communicates authority, seriousness, confidence, and the appearance of a worker. It is sophisticated like black but less aggressive. Blue is a perfect color for a job interview, a presentation or an important meeting.

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Green: represents nature, hope, success, health and safety. It transmits serenity and elegance.

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