Vintage accessories are back !

You can’t miss it: vintage and second hand stores are more trendy. Vintage accessories spice up every outfit and everyone is snapping them up. Orange Models has put together a selection of the best vintage accessories! There is something for everyone and we have chosen items for all seasons.

The beret

Photo edit : Unsplash – Zohre Nemati

The most classic version is obviously the black beret. You can’t go wrong when choosing it: ideal to accessorize a spring or fall outfit. Some berets are thicker, especially those with a visor, and will keep your head warm for the winter. Obviously, all materials and colors are possible, depending on your outfit and your mood: be creative!

The hood

Photo edit : Pexels – cottonbro studio

The hood has long been seen as an accessory for children or grandmothers. It makes its comeback in stylish outfits. Ideal to keep your ears and neck warm in winter, and it can be a great alternative to a cap or an earmuff. The versions are more or less covering, ample and thick. There are even some with a collar that goes up to the chest. You’ll never complain about the cold again!

The headscarf

Photo edit : Pexels – yonathan gonzalez

Who hasn’t dreamed of being behind the wheel of an old car with a scarf on his head like in the Italian movies? It is now possible thanks to the return of the scarf, you just have to adapt the way of styling depending on the occasion and the temperature. We had a crush on the very covering version which is by far the most vintage. All you have to do is find the scarf of your dreams and have fun changing its position on your head. You’ll be a real movie star!

The sunglasses

Photo edit : Pexels – Apostolos Vamvouras

Some famous glasses brands are taking us back to the 90s ! The butterfly shape is in vogue, as well as the aviator glasses and those without metal rings. If you choose to buy them in second hand stores, you can probably find affordable ones. Why choose when you can afford to buy several? Orange Models hope to have given you some ideas of accessories for this end of winter and the return of the beautiful days!

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