Kids in the Modeling industry

The modeling industry isn’t really different when it comes to kids, they most likely live the same the same experience as an adult. But they definitely have a new fresh and amazed look on the journey. On the legal aspect there are a lot more rules and aspects that comes into it. But regarding competitivity, jobs offer, and working habits it usually works the same. Today Orange models wants to support you in this journey by giving out a few tips, and explaining what is the organization on set. 

Orange's kids models

1- Legislation

In the industry a day on set or recruitments basically works the same for kids and adults. But legally kids are not allowed to have adults working hours. They cannot stay more than 4 hours on set. You would also need to check your youth work legislation province chart. In fact, all provinces have different laws concerning young workers and kids can’t work more than a certain amount of hours. 

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2- Availabilities

When having an underage kid working on set, he always needs to be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian. As of this date, the accompanier needs to be fully vaccinated on most productions. 

This means that when signing your kid in an agency you need to make sure that your occupation allows you to clear your schedule up in case of a shoot. You need to be able to be able to make yourself available. 

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3- Skills that will be acquired 

Kids that have an outgoing personality will have an easier time feeling comfortable from the beginning in the industry. Also, if they are confident and not shy to talk in public. 

Having them start this journey will help them to grow and learn new skills. 

They will learn how to handle competitivity, as a matter of fact it is a really competitive industry.  This will also be a way for your kid to improve their stress handling skills and be comfortable around strangers. 

From a young age kids will learn to follow directions which might help them in their future life.

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4- Tips

You always know what’s best for your kids. But if Orange had to give you a few tips it would be first of all to not overdress and put too much make up on your kid. Castings usually looks for kids that look their age and that are not grown up by using artifices. 

Second would be, be calm and less stressed. Kids absorbs all emotions, for them to be comfortable on this journey you don’t want to communicate your stress to them. 

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5- Get Discovered 

Our agency we work with kids that live in the GTA area; we usually don’t accept anyone under 16 from Montreal. 

Now that you have all tips, go and GET Discovered!

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