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The fall season is an excellent opportunity to get creative with your makeup. We would like to introduce some tips to help you improve you makeup this season.

1. Dewy skin

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Some expert consider to invest and prioritize in the hydration in order to have a skincare routine. It is important to mention that each skin is different from each person, you need to find the best product for your skin. The makeup artist Ehlie Luna mentions that this season the “dewy, glazed, dolphin skin isn’t going anywhere”. She says “I find that you can’t go wrong with a hydrating serum like the Caudalie SOS hyaluronic serum”.




2. Healthy Blush:

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One of the things we can see in this season is having an amount of blush in our skin since it revives and give color into the face. An important makeup artist Dominique Lerma recommends to reach a cream blush formula because it looks more radiant.




3. Vinyl Lips

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According to expert makeup artist Ehlie mentions that major makeup brands have recently created lip products that give an extra shine suggesting that vinyl lips will be an ideal color for this season. Likewise she recommends having a lip care routine such as exfoliating the lip, using a lipstick to help with precision and finishing with the lipstick of your choice.




4. Less foundation:

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Wearing too many layers of makeup can feel unnatural, especially when the temperature changes and dries out our skin. According to Khan. Sir John recommends opting for a light formula to maintain skin tone and using cream products.





5. Contrasting Textures

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One of the recommendations for this season is to try different textures at the same time. According to Khan, Sir Joh suggests whether it be super matte ’90s lids paired with glossy skin or matte skin paired with a luster on the lids. Furthermore, he says that for gleaming eyelids, consider applying a swipe of cream blush or an eye gloss and something important “Highlight areas on your face that are flattering”.


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